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10 benefits of owning your own luxury lodge


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With holidays in the UK more popular than ever before, owning your own lodge to escape to for holidays and short breaks is the dream of many.

Luckily, here at Wold View, we have a selection of stunning luxury lodges for sale! Each of our stunning lodges is fully furnished to a high standard and has its own private decking area and hot tub. What’s more, all our lodges benefit from outstanding views across one of the seven lakes on our estate.  

Aside from the obvious, there are countless reasons to own one of our stunning lakeside lodges, so if you are considering whether you should take a leap and buy a luxury lodge, we think the reasons listed below will tempt you further…

10 benefits of owning your own holiday lodge in the Lincolnshire Wolds

1. It’s a home away from home  

Owning your own lodge means you have the luxury of moving door to door, without having to pack your belongings and holiday paraphernalia.

All you need to do is bring the items you need for the trip. Bulky and cumbersome items, such as sporting gear and heavy coats and boots, can be left at the lodge for you to use as needed.  

You also have the choice to leave personal effects, like your favourite photographs, craft items, books, board games, DVDs, and any other home comforts. If you have a dog, you can leave items like dog bowls and bedding too.  

2. You choose the destination  

One of the best things about owning a lodge is you have the option to choose the location, which means you can cherry-pick your favourite area of the UK and set up your second home there!

Most second homes are in areas of outstanding beauty, with the most demand being for holiday homes in the countryside. The Lincolnshire Wolds are not only captivating in beauty, but they also offer many surrounding attractions to explore to your hearts content.

3. You can make your lodge your own

Although most lodges come fully furnished as standard, when you purchase one of our lakeside lodges, you also have the option to choose your own interiors. If there is wallpaper you like, you can have that fitted, although we suggest having this done professionally to keep standards high.

You can also select all the soft furnishings such as bedding, pillows, throws, framed pictures, and rugs to create a theme for your holiday home.   

4. Enjoy our stunning fishing lakes  

If you choose to purchase a lodge at Wold View, you not only have the freedom of the Lincolnshire Wolds to explore, but you can also enjoy the seven well-stocked fishing lakes on our estate.

If you are a keen fisher or angler, a lodge here is the ideal complement to your pursuit and means you can truly switch off and indulge in your favourite pastime.

What’s more, because we also allow day guest passes, you can invite family members or friends to join you fishing whether they are experienced or a beginner. Some lakes are better for anglers, and some are better for beginners, or those who need good accessibility.

If fishing is not their thing, they can simply enjoy the open countryside, the local attractions or the views from your private hot tub.  

5. Indulge in the peace and tranquillity

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, spending time alone is a precious commodity – and in our opinion, fishing is the ideal solo pursuit!

Fishing can be a relaxing hobby, and coupled with the luxury of your own fishing lodge to retire to at the end of the day, it is ideal for some well-deserved ‘me time’.  

6. Enjoy the safety and seclusion  

The seclusion of our site location means you are safely tucked away in one of the UK’s best-kept secrets, the Lincolnshire Wolds, offering you the freedom to explore the open countryside in complete safety.

At Wold View, our land is privately owned, and the area around your lodge is private to you and your guests, including the decking area. As such, you’ll have the bonus of feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere, yet at the heart of everything. It is a feeling unparalleled by little else!  

7. You can come and go as you please 

As a holiday homeowner, you don’t need to advise us if you intend to visit, the lodge is yours to come and go from as and when you please.

Just think of the countless relaxing weekends you can spend at our location, enjoying the vistas and the peace and quiet!

8. There’s great rental potential  

Another benefit of owning a holiday lodge is that it’s the perfect way to invest a lump sum of money, and there is the fantastic potential to earn money from your investment.

Here at Wold View, we have a rental scheme exclusive for lodge owners, so drop us a line if this is something you might consider. In fact, when you rent out your lodge with us, there is a guaranteed 10% gross return.

9. Friends and family can join you  

We are sure you will be a family favourite when you buy your own luxury lodge, and you’ll no doubt be inundated with requests from friends and family alike to secure a weekend stay!

Owning a lodge opens a world of possibilities for the whole family, even if they aren’t keen on fishing. In fact, the surrounding areas of the Lincolnshire Wolds are stunning, especially the local walks and tourist attractions.

Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime!  

10. There’s help at hand 

With over 50 years’ experience of running holiday and leisure estates in the UK, our expert team are perfectly placed to advise you on owning a lodge as well as the rewards it can reap.

So, whatever you need, whenever you need it, rest assured that we will always be around to help!

Want to find out more about buying one of our tranquil lakeside lodges?

Whether you are looking for peace and quiet, a bit of adventure, or are searching for your very own home away from home, whatever you are searching for in a holiday lodge you’ll find it at Wold View.

Our 37-acre estate has been carefully cultivated to offer world-class accommodation and the best facilities for a rewarding break, so if you’d like to get the ball rolling, contact one of our team today to book a viewing or request a tour!

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